Best Technology Ltd. was incorporated in 2002 in Sofia as a company for design, delivery, installation, and maintenance of security equipment and weak-current installations, namely:  

  • Burglar alarm systems;
  • Video surveillance and control systems; 
  • IP video surveillance systems with intelligent functions and solutions; 
  • Fire alarm systems;
  • Firefighting systems;
  • Video intercom systems; 
  • Access and/or working time control systems;  
  • PA systems;  
  • Structural cable networks; 
  • Integrated hotel systems;
  • Building management systems – BMS;
  • Computer networks and office communications; 
  • Parking systems.  

The company employs highly qualified experts holding the relevant education degrees, professional experience and expertise related to company scope of activity.   
Best Technology Ltd. successfully passed industrial security inspection and the company itself, its staff and managers all have Secret clearance certificates for work with classified information  .
We employ and excellent design team and the leading engineer holds a Certificate of Full Designer Qualification.  
Firefighting systems -  together with our partner, ANDI – BG LTD., we design, build and maintain firefighting systems and installations. The company specializes in design, delivery and installation of firefighting facilities utilizing to main system types. 
The first system employs aerosol firefighting. It uses last generation stable solid component SBK, radical and efficient condensed aerosol technology. Completely harmless to people and environment. Extremely suitable for server rooms, computer rooms, power boards, etc.
The second system represents sprinkler facility for water firefighting. The equipment we offer complies with the highest quality requirements such as VDS, UL, FM, etc.

Best Technology Ltd. specialized in design, delivery and installation of security equipment for first category sites, including bank offices. We have designed and obtained approval from General Security Police Directorate for, over 150 bank offices of four leading banks in Sofia and in the country.  
The company has offices, on-call emergency vehicles and technicians in Sofia, Targovishte and Smolyan.    
We work on the entire territory of the country. 
We constantly strive to satisfy even the most specific customer wishes and requirements, to offer high-tech solutions and concepts, to be continuously informed about changes in site security status, and to keep the good spirit  of partnership and understanding.  

Best Technology Ltd. has divided its activities in several functional groups, our corporate customers are:   

1. COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY – trading with:

  • Burglar alarm systems;
  • Video surveillance equipment incorporated in security systems or as standalone systems, as well as video signal recording and transmission; 
  • Perimeter security;
  • Access and working time control systems; 
  • Fire alarm systems;
  • Firefighting systems and installations; 
  • PA systems;
  • Integrated hotel systems;
  • Parking systems;
  •  Assembled and brand computers (servers, workstations).


    • Design and construction of burglar alarm systems for bank offices pursuant to REGULATION No I-171 dated 2 July 2001 – ON ORGANIZATION AND CONTROL OF ENSURING BANK AND NON-BANKING INSTITUTION SECURITY, approval of projects by NATIONAL POLICE SERVICE DIRECTORATE – NATIONAL SECURITY DIRECTORATE;
    • Design and construction of burglar alarm systems;
    • Design and construction of all types of video surveillance systems; 
    • Design and construction of video intercom systems;
    • Design and construction of access control systems; 
    • Design and construction of fire alarm systems;  
    • Design and construction of firefighting systems and installations; 
    • Design and construction of PA systems;  
    • Design and construction of integrated hotel systems; 
    • Design and construction of building management systems; 
    • Maintenance and repairs of existing systems; 
    • Design, construction and maintenance of Registers, in compliance with Classified Information Protection Act.


  • 24 hour maintenance services by highly qualified experts; 
  • Subscription maintenance.


  • Development of general concept for design and construction of security facilities and coordination with physical security at large sites;  
  • Technical and marketing consultations related to security systems;  
  • Training.